Urban Biking


Given our long-term reliance on petrol and diesel vehicles, and their high level of emissions, we all need to change the way we travel. It's one of most effective ways to reduce our carbon footprint. 


Low carbon transport focuses more on human-powered (bikes/scooter/foot) and public transport (especially electric )- and less on traditional cars and vans. This is with the exception of electric cars. These are offering better tech and expanded charging networks. The overall shift is key to improving our urban air quality and personal health too. 

 Cycling has seen an especial upsurge in popularity during CV19. Dedicated lanes and finance incentive schemes have encouraged more of us onto bikes - both for work and fitness. At the same, the increase in parking restrictions, low emission zones and congestion charges are reducing our desire to drive.

As a group, we're all for these positive changes. We are also keen to reclaim our streets as safe community spaces. Clean and green transport just makes sense!


Is there support in Dulwich for cycling?


Yes. A new scheme has started called Southwark Bike Buddies which offers support to cyclists. 

There is a strong movement at the moment to reclaim the streets. The movement seeks to re-imagine the street as "for people" and transport and not just a route for cars and car parking. Some people will see it as 'anti-car' and the changes only make it inconvenient for drivers. There is a balance to be struck. Check their website and see what you think.

Is closing roads in Dulwich the answer to traffic congestion?


We have got used to congestion, with noisy high streets full of car fumes. Also side roads are used by all drivers to cut through the quickest route to our destination.


Here in Dulwich, Southwark Council has blocked several key driving routes to the fury of some residents.


The question is: Do road closures increase overall traffic? There is evidence that the opposite is true, in fact there is more evidence to this effect than the reverse.

Although we cannot be sure about what effect Southwark's road closures will have on the community as a whole it is likely that it follows the positive path of many other similar schemes.

Check out what happened in North London in this study.

It definitely seems like a leap of faith to believe that closing roads is good for the whole community not just those who live in particular streets. It is hard to believe that traffic 'evaporates' when the convenience of driving reduces and that the inconvenience of road closures after an initial period creates a positive effect all round. But the evidence exists...lets give it a try. We can always go back to building more roads if we have to!

Electric Car

Well only until recently because the carbon footprint of electricity is falling with the increased use of renewable energy in the electric grid. A new electric car will quite quickly cancel out the footprint of its production compared to a fossil fuel car. They are also much more efficient and need far fewer KW of energy to go the same distance.