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Grants and Financial Help


The UK government will from time to time offer inducements to nudge your behaviour. These range from cycling and electric car nudges to home energy nudges. They change from year to year. Most of the schemes are run by Ofgem.


Renewable Heat Incentive RHI

This scheme is not means tested and helps to offset the cost of a new heat pump. The upfront cost of a heat pump is high and this incentive pays back the householder a bit every year which over 7 years equals the installation cost. There is also an official Renewable Heat Incentive Calculator to help with working out the payback


The Energy Company Obligation ECO

This is means tested and provides insulation and energy efficiency technology to low income households. See link here.


The Green Home Grant 2020

Details are provided here on the government website. Possibly starting in September 2020.

Other Useful Links

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Centre for Alternative Technology

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Zero Carbon Britain Dulwich Net Zero
Zero Carbon Britain

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Committee on Climate Change

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Simple Energy Advice

Impartial and independent advice to help you, developed in conjunction with the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy