How To Start

Focus on Actions

It is important not to get overwhelmed by the enormity of the task. From your footprint calculator focus on one or two areas of your footprint that seem possible to tackle and reduce. This is a purely personal choice. For some it may be what they eat or how they travel. For others it may be about reducing fossil fuel use in the home.

There is a lot of detail on the areas that need to be tackled and does not shy away from the challenges we face to achieve the target. You will not that car use and home energy are a large proportion of our national footprint.


Start Small

Although we hear a lot about the 'climate emergency' it is important to ease yourself into a lower carbon lifestyle and to start with small incremental changes. Transportation and diet changes can be made bit by bit. With changes to your home, for instance new heating or insulation, it is wise to do some solid research before leaping in. One way to start with small changes in the home for instance is to look at draught proofing before you make the leap to a fancy new heating system.

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Check Yourself

Your first task is to check your personal carbon footprint. This helps to shed light on areas of your activity that produce carbon. By using a carbon footprint calculator you can  also compare the relative proportions of your carbon activity. For instance, one long haul flight might have the same footprint as your entire home heating for a year. Although this may be dispiriting it at least puts perspective on your personal challenge to go net zero. Use the link below to calculate your carbon footprint.